Encrypted Messaging

Personal Privacy 

One of the so-called benefits of encryption is being able to prevent companies & governments from accessing your data.

Due to the widespread use of chat applications and government sanctions, privacy concerns have started among people.

What will they actually do with all this data?

There should be a messaging app that would let us get rid of all this anxiety.

Don’t we deserve that?

Project Overview

Raven’s goal was making the most secure instant messaging app for regular users besides tech, security & business enthusiast.

There are no ads, no affiliate marketers, no creepy tracking. Just open technology for a fast, simple, and secure messaging experience.

The way it should be.


Product Designer




Mobile & Desktop App


8 months


There will be a competition with WhatsApp, Skype and some other companies. Raven will have the full package from built-in VPN to the encrypted video-audio & data storage.

Businesses will pay by the per user/month model with a yearly discounted package. 



In order to make it grow rapidly, Raven’s first asset for growth is the user’s quantity.

To be the most popular secure messaging app globally, it needs to apply a sustainable and smart business model, targeting long-term growth.


Diversified services will be complex as Raven serves different parties -individuals, families & companies- it has a multi-sided business model.

Raven will have also the corporation/company accounts, all companies under GDPR or has any banking/trading users data, will have to use In-house servers for mailing & chat/data transfers.


Private Project Case

Although I am a believer in open information sharing, I found it appropriate to share such a detailed project upon request. It contains detailed screens both on  engineering & design.


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