About Me

About me

I nerd out on designing products & experiences and seek out the people and companies who help make that happen.


1 May 1992 · Istanbul · INFJ

My academic background is a mashup of art, design, game. I’ve worked multidisciplinary design-related roles with global companies. I participated in different events as a mentor to teach & apply different design methodologies.

I always have the end user in mind, and I design for conversion. My responsibility is to transfer company values, business goals, and peoples’ needs into exceptional data-driven services using simple empathy but at the same time functional proactive approach.

Last but not least, the three foundations that carved out my design ethics:

Care of earth, Care of people, Fair share.

Years Experience

Commercial Projects

Volunteer Projects


As I’m experiencing different cultures with an open mind, I’m learning that there are many different ways of being human and living as human beings.

I realized that being a designer isn’t just observing the users’ behavior; somewhat, it is comprehension of the urge.

Though the problems of the world are increasingly complex, the solutions remain embarrassingly simple.

Bill Mollison



Marketing Manager

Fuga Mobilya | Dec 20 – Now

Co-Founder, CPO

Travaris | Aug 18 – Now

Lead Orginizer

OpenIDEO Istanbul | Jan 18 – Feb 19

Lead UX Designer

OktoPeople | Dec 17 – Jan 19

Product Designer

Fuga Mobilya | Jul 17 – Dec 20

UX Designer

Userspots | Nov 15 – Jun 16


M.A. Game Design (Dropped)

Bahcesehir University | Dec 17 – Jul 20

B.A. Industrial Design

Yeditepe University | 10 – 15

Diploma, Visual Arts

Avni Akyol Fine Arts | 06 – 10

PDC, Permaculture Design Certificate

Permaculture Research Institute of TR

Holistic Management

Anadolu Meraları


∴     Service Strategy
∴     Information Architecture
∴     Wireframe & Prototype
∴     Design Thinking
∴     Playful Experience
∴     Empathic Design
∴     Furniture Design
∴     Product Marketing
∴     Sustainable Design
∴     Holistic Management

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